Averey + Jacob

i think you find a very real happiness when you allow yourself to be deeply loved just as you are, while deeply loving someone who is beautifully flawed.

averey + jacob were the most chill bride and groom we've ever met. we all know that weddings can be stressful, but averey + jacob showed us that they definitely don't have to be.

when averey+ jacob first started talking, jacob was asked what he thought about averey, and his response was "i don't know man. i just really want to make her happy." that is the kind of love that is real. love the looks out for the interests of others more than the interests of oneself. whats crazy about our human love is that it's flawed. we're never going to treat someone perfect. but the beauty in two flawed people choosing to love each other is that, even when one treats the other in a way that's not perfect, the other can forgive, making that flawed love become beautiful. because they chose to love. 

lets choose love today.

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