About L+A Creatives

About Us

Hi! Wait, wait, wait... You want to know about US!? We want to know about YOU! I guess, it's only fair that you know who we are before we know you... Sooooo, well, here it goes!

Let's see, where should we start? Our names are Laci and Andy Grotheer. We met way back in college in 2013 or 2014, I honestly can't remember which. Laci was handing out cookies for an organization that raises awareness for human trafficking (which is way cool), and... well... I wanted a free cookie. I got my free cookie (SCORE!) and Laci told me that she thinks that she follows me on Twitter (creeper)... Fast forward a few years and we became best friends. We would always go over to our friends house and stay way late, eating cookies (of course), listening to 80's music on the back porch, and having good convo. Fast forward a few MORE years and we get married! May 4, 2019 - May the Fourth be with you... Yeah, I'm never going to forget our anniversary. It was the coolest day ever. Getting to marry your best friend in front of so many people who are there to support you is seriously the best thing ever - you should try it... Wait, that's probably why you're here.


 We are wedding photographers and absolutely love what we do! Wedding photography is such a rush of excitement, fun, and LOVE! That fact that we get to be there on your wedding day, taking the photos that you will cherish forever - there's no other job like this. Being a full-time wedding photographer has been a dream in the making, starting all the way back in 2014. Finally 2 or 3 years ago we made it our job. We started off as "Without Borders Photography", then we went to "L+A Creatives", and now we are finally "The Grotheers". Choosing a name is hard, okay!?

 I feel like I'm back at the first day of school right now. 

"Name one of your favorite hobbies and something that people don't know about you." Well, we love to travel! We've got a scratch map of the world that we hope that we can completely scratch out before we die. We've got a pup - Ryker or Ryker G, you'll be seeing a lot of him. We love 80's music (give me all the cheesy Air Supply)! Our little town of Pittsburg, Kansas is one of our favorite places, actually! Laci speaks Spanish. Andy can recite the alphabet backwards (not nearly as cool as speaking 2 languages, but whatever). We're all about community - growing our community, making new friends, and growing in relationships (the things that really matter)!

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If you made it this far, you now know a little bit more about The Grotheers and what we are all about. We are really just thankful for each and every one of you that comes to check us out and takes the time to reach out to us. Photographing your wedding day is really the biggest honor and we are so blessed to have this as a job. We will do our best to make your wedding day photos something that you can and will cherish forever.