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Carmen & John - Joshua Tree, CA

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Photographing a wedding, elopement, or bridal session in Joshua Tree National Park, California has been a definite bucket list item of ours. That being said, you can imagine our excitement when Carmen and John expressed their idea to us of going to California to have some bridal portraits taken of them in Joshua Tree! Talk about dreams coming true! Carmen, John... Thank you guys for helping us check this off of our bucket list! We owe you BIG TIME!

Carmen and John picked us up from the airport in San Diego, California. (San Diego is one of the best places on earth, just saying). We then spent the days at the beach / beaches (we went to multiple, eating really good food, and hanging out at our airbnb! It was so much fun getting to be able to grow our relationship with these two over the time we spent together!

We woke up bright and early for the bridal shoot. We knew it was going to be hot - thankfully, we got an early start. Let me just say, there's hot... and then there's Joshua Tree National Park desert hot... Was it worth it you might ask? I'd do it again and again and again! Not just for the beautiful photographs was it worth it, but for the amazing memories that we made together as friends. That's the thing about this job. We don't only get to create pretty photos, but we get to create lasting friendships.

Carmen and John, here's to you two for being some of the realest out there!

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