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Hana + Evan - A Summer Morning

You know when you're in the heat of Summer, everything is a little muggy and humid, then all of a sudden you feel that cool breeze? That cool breeze is Hana and Evan. When you're outside walking in the Fall leaves and you feel that crisp wind that just feels so good. That wind is Hana and Evan. When you're outside on a cold winter day and you come inside to that roaring fire and some hot cocoa, that is Hana and Evan.

Hana and Evan have quickly become best friends of ours. They are some of the most welcoming people I know. Always quick to invite us to their house and even quicker to invite us into their lives. If you know Hana and Evan you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Hana and Evan have a beautiful story to tell, I hope these photos can give you just a glimpse of that story.

The last 12 photos of this gallery are all shot on film using a Mamiya 645af and Portra 400 film. They are some of my favorite photos out of this whole gallery for this reason!

These last 12 photos are all shot on film! I use a Mamiya 645af and Portra 400 film! These are all straight out of camera with no digital editing on my end! Scanned at theFINDlab.

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