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Julian + Xaris - A Midwest Lovesong

Julian + Xaris. You might be wondering why the title of this particular gallery is called "A Midwest Lovesong." If you are wondering, it's because these two are both insanely talented musicians.

Julian was actually on America's Got Talent! Simon Cowell actually told Julian "You are a hundred percent authentic." Julian and his band also received the compliment, "You sound great, you look great, there's no one like you guys!" from another judge on the show! Tell me that isn't the coolest thing ever!

Xaris was featured on The Voice! Yep, that's right. THE VOICE! Also, you should definitely check her out on Spotify! HOW DID WE GET SO LUCKY TO PHOTOGRAPH THEM! I don't just ask how we got so lucky to photograph them because of their musical talent - they are also incredible, extremely kind humans! Seriously some of the nicest souls we've had the chance to photograph!

Next. Let's talk about their style. Julian and Xaris have a very folky, vintage, rustic style about them. I freaking love it. Before we took their photos, we wanted to find out what kind of style / vibe they were wanting. They sent us some 1950's photos / inspiration. We got some ideas together. This is what we came out with. One of my absolute favorite sessions ever.

Hope you enjoy!

We LOVED the idea of them with a close line! We think it paints such a story of older days / simpler times! It also just looks really cool with these two!

You know we had to get some photos of them playing their guitars and singing! We also got a free concert from them by doing so... wink, wink!

Towards sunset we wanted to take them out to this REALLY pretty spot. Dirt roads. Folky vibes. Wildflowers. It all went so well together!

Xaris actually has a 1950's playsuit! Talk about real vintage!

As the sun went down, the colors in the sky came out! Love these photos of them in this field! Would it be a midwest photoshoot if there wasn't a field involved?

When we thought our session had "officially" ended we were all just talking together and Xaris noticed our hay bales! I asked her if she's ever jumped on hay bales (she's from Florida) and she hadn't! She got the chance to do it that night, and we got to photograph it for her! I think they had some fun!

Thanks for checking out the gallery! We love Julian and Xaris so much and are so excited for their journey together through life! Can't wait to see you guys again and come to a concert when you're both famous!

Love you guys.

- Laci and Andy

- The Grotheer

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