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Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Okay, guys. These people. This venue. This GORGEOUS wedding. This is the stuff that brings me back to realizing how LUCKY I am to have this as a job! Keaghan and Mason are seriously just such kind humans to be around! They definitely belong together! Their support system around them is SO STRONG! These two are going to go so far!

The venue that this wedding was held is The Barn at Evans Acres in Chandler, Oklahoma! Forreal, you couldn't ask for a more beautiful venue. Not only is the barn a lovely gathering space, but the outdoor ceremony spot was pretty much perfect. The owners also let us take photos at their home on the grounds which was sooooo pretty! You'll see! I definitely recommend following them on social media! Or better yet, book your wedding there (and hire us as your photographers ;) )!

Finally, meet the Baade's.

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